Hatfield Online Christian School gave me the opportunity to pursue my tennis career by offering a flexible yet structured environment to complete my grade 11 and matric year.

Qualified, friendly and enthusiastic teachers were always just an email away if anything was unclear to me.

Many skills, which still benefit me today, were learnt through the process including responsibility, discipline as well the importance of communication.

Crystal Roux, Pretoria

For our family, Online school has been a blessing and a gift. Lisa is an artistic gymnast who trains at least 6 hours a day, 6 days a week. She also travels internationally to compete and this makes traditional schooling impossible for her.

We are so grateful that Lisa is able to receive excellent quality schooling in the comfort of our home or anywhere in the world with flexible hours that she can plan out around her training.

We find that the platform is very user-friendly and the technical support fantastic. We are able to track her grades. Lisa feels confidant with her school work and does not feel left out or behind her peers who are in traditional school systems. We know that she will be well equipped to further her studies after school.

Karin Conradie, Pretoria

My name is Indira Moonsamy. I am mum to my 18-year-old daughter, Puja, who has special physical needs. Due to illness these past five years, Puja has been unable to complete high school.

When she regained her strength, we searched for a suitable online school for her and were lucky to be introduced to the Online School. It has been a Godsend! Puja works at her own pace. Her teachers are lovely ladies who are very understanding of her circumstances.

She is also getting a great quality education. I am very grateful for the hope and confidence that the Online School has given my child.

Indera Moonsamy, Centurion

I have had a very memorable time in the Online School. I had to adjust the ways in which I go about living life. I learned valuable ways to practice discipline, diligence, and self-motivation.

I love that we use Gmail suite that enables communication for progress between the students and the teachers.

The assignments, set books & textbooks and topics are very interesting. It is education with value.

Dumo Maroleni, Pretoria