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Online School Application

Before applying for enrolment, please familiarise yourself with the important information below: 

  • You are the student’s parent and/or primary guardian.
  • Your child will be taught according to the faith promulgated by the Hatfield Christian School, and to a larger extent, the Hatfield Christian Church.
    Please click here to see our Statement of Faith.
  • You are familiar with the three programme options offered by the school:
    Full Time Online Option
    Single Subject Online Option
    School Based Option
  • You have read all of the Programme information and are actively choosing this type of schooling option for your child. You are ready to make the commitment that your child will be attending the Online School. (If you are not ready to make the commitment at this time but require more information please contact us at applications@onlineschool.co.za )
  • You are willing to release pertinent information about your family and the student to the Online School for the sole purposes of enrolment and the school records.
  • You understand that there are fixed assessment dates and that twice a year, the student will need to write assessments (June and November).
  • Practical Sessions: All Grade 10 and 11 students are required to attend a practical session once per year at a certified facility. All Grade 12 students are required to attend three practical sessions in their matric year.
  • In order to meet the assessment requirements, we cannot enrol a student for any course later than 25 January.
  • Diagnostic tests may be applicable in certain subjects.
  • School fees are charged on a monthly basis and payed in advance.
  • You are aware that text books are compulsory, and should be sourced and acquired by the parent/guardian.

Required Documentation to Register

Please submit the required documentation below, together with your child’s completed application form to applications@onlineschool.co.za

  • Copy of student’s ID/passport
  • Copy of ID of both parents
  • Copy of student’s latest/last school report
  • Copy of concessions received from the IEB or DBE (If appropriate)
  • Passport sized photograph of student
  • Proof of payment of the application fee

Application Form

Follow the steps below to complete and submit your application.

  1. Choose a grade and download the Application form to your computer.
  2. Open the Application form in Adobe Acrobat, print and complete the form.
  3. Email the application form, together with the required documents, to applications@onlineschool.co.za 


Full time Option

Download Application Form

Option 2:

Single subject Option

Download Application Form

Option 3:

School based Option

Download Application Form